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The Trans Comedy Award
is finally here
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Little Britain - Emily Howard

How does the trans community feel about Emily? Is this a good representation?

The IT Crowd - "I used to be a man"

No real trans person would say that, would they?

Coronation Street - Played By.......

Most people will know that the character Haley Cropper in Corry is a transsexual and most people know she is not played by a transsexual. What message does that send to trans actors and the community

Welcome to the 2012 Trans Comedy Award

Trans Comedy have joined forces with BBC Writersroom to launch The Trans Comedy Award: a talent search to encourage writers to promote a positive portrayal of Transgender people in mainstream comedy.

The Trans Comedy Award opens up an opportunity for the transgender community and members of the general public to portray transgender characters and the transgender experience in a fresh affirming manner, without resorting to cliché or stereotype.

We are looking for original comedy sitcoms, comedy dramas or sketch shows featuring transgender characters and/or themes and written for television. An award of up to a maximum of £5000 will be allocated to the selected writer(s) in order that they may develop a pilot or taster.

From the Blog

Jon Plowman on the Trans Comedy Award
We asked Jon Plowman a free-lance producer of comedy for the BBC what he thought of the Trans Comedy Award Initiative. Here is what he said:-
Comedy is all about character and tale telling. It has always seemed to me that both these things are actually far more important than "jokes". So a community that already has great characters in read more


Submission Day is Here!

Now open for submissions.

Grab it here - Trans Comedy Award Cover Sheet
Entries should be posted to:
Trans Comedy Award
BBC writersroom, 4th Floor,
Grafton House,
379-381 Euston Road,
London NW1 3AU
Deadline for entries: 5pm, Thursday 28th February 2013
Selected writers notified:
 End of May 2013